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What's New?

Arkansas Mensa Bulletin Board is Back!

The Arkansas Mensa Bulletin board is back at . We had to register another domain name and move things because the previous host provider fell ill. It will have lots of forums, both moderated and unmoderated, public and private, to appeal to everyone's tastes.

If you are a member, you can have one or more of your own personal forum(s) that you control on your favorite subjects. Have a hobby or something near and dear to your heart? You can have your very own forum just for that, either private or public, and you can control who gets to post there if you want. It will be yours to run.

The Calendar is located there now. Events can be added by the people that are going to put them on at any time, without having to contact anyone. Just login and start adding your event by clicking on the date of the event to open the form.