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Members of Arkansas Mensa

Bella Vista

Lisa Watten Dolejs
Interests: Hobbies: trading stocks, art history, writing,crusading, metaphysics, landscape design, interior decorating, objectivism, movies. I am highly interested in anyone's recommendations for further movie investigation.
Occupation: Secondary science education/Gifted and Talented; and secondary education guidance counselor.
Transplant from Minnetonka, Minnesota (Twin Cities)
Graduate of U. of MN - B.S. / U. of WI - MA

Bull Shoals

Denise E. Jorgensen
I'm always interested in job offers: teaching English, newspaper graphics design and composition, or anything that requires a mind and the ability to type 60 WPM. I'm also wondering if anyone knows where Emogene Simon is. I lost track of her.
E-mail: or


Janina Heird
Come visit Janina's Universe. I've got both common and nonsensical opinions on life, dogs, good movies, and more.

Eureka Springs

Joe Barda

Susan Bourg


Bruce Crabtree
Local Secretary

Bruce was educated as a scientist and received an officer's commission at graduation. He served on active duty in the Far East and continental US, and later ventured to New York City to pursue an operatic career - which he supported by being a caseworker as his 'day-job.'

After twelve years, Bruce realized he would never join the ranks of the world's great singers, and decided to go into hi-tech industry (nuclear power plant construction engineering, telecommunications tower engineering, aerospace).

He began writing in 1987 and has authored four novels, a collection of short-stories, three screenplays, and a one-act play (performed by the Eureka Theater Company). His Sci-Fi novel (Cuneiform) appears in serialized form in the 'Files' section of 'Yahoo e-group arkmensa.'

Bruce's recent public service efforts include: Board member - Eureka Theater Co.; Member - Ozarks Chorale; Co-chair of Arts and Culture Committee - Eureka Springs ACE Program; and Member of the Carroll County Special Operations Rescue Team.
Hobbies: astronomy, ancient history, old cars.

Ranaga Farber

Lianne Kay Grant
ph: 479-363-9393

Steven Hardgrave

Bill Westerman, Testing Coordinator


Melissa "Missy" McCutcheon Leflar

Harve Thorn
I have returned to Fayetteville after some years of travel. I am a teacher, dog handler (Therapy and SAR dogs), underwater cave explorer (Quintana Roo, Mexico), SAR Team recovery diver, and House Husband.

Fort Smith

Paul Zander
New Life: My contribution to narcissism everywhere.


Michael Buck
Electrical Engineering, etc.

Hot Springs

James Montgomery
Interests: SCUBA, swimming, reading, music.
Occupation: Police Lieutenant/SWAT Commander.


Brian Coats
Occupation: Computer Programmer (Custom Written Business Software)
Interests: Golf, Reading, Singing (Mostly in Church now), Bridge and most any game ever played
Personal E-mail:
Business Email:

Little Rock

Daniel Cline
Interests: hiking/mountaineering, running, sailing, flying airplanes, gadgets, computers, cooking, and playing in "The Pangolins" (a local steel drum band).
Occupation: Musician (Cello), Arkansas Symphony Orchestra; Adjunct Instructor, Hendrix College

Richard Emmel

Dan Rankin, VI
Dan Rankin VI

Goals: To be the best husband and father I can be. Also, I am studying to become a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Gerry Schulze

Home: 501-562-1623
Work: 501-537-1000

Home: 8317 Ascension Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72204

11219 Financial Centre Pkwy, Suite 315,
Little Rock, AR 72211
Websites: and


David R. (Randy) Johnson


Leonard Nijssen

Hi, my name is Leonard Nijssen and I live in Mena Arkansas. Filed and obtained a divorce in 1972. After having searched for many years I finally found the woman I want as my life partner and we have been married since August 2006. My Life Partner is a retired professor and dentist from Peru.

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands, obtained my first Optometry degree in the Netherlands at age 20, moved to New Zealand where I got my New Zealand Optometry degree and, at the same time obtained a B.S. in Psychology. In California I obtained additional certification in hearing. In London I obtained my English Optometry degree and a sub degree in dealing quite successfully with low vision patients. Spent several years as superintendent of Prison Industries in California where I taught optical manufacturing to inmates and worked with congress designing programs and more.

For the past 20 years I have been quite involved with computers and, since 1992 have made this a full time business. I seem to be plastered all over the web when you Google my name.

I also am somewhat of a writer and hold about 18 or 20 copyrights, mainly on a variety of technical papers but also in the metaphysical field.

Interests: My interests are very strongly on increased awareness, have studied metaphysics for around 35 years, practice and teach dynamic meditation, enjoy reading (metaphysical, western, science fiction and much more with a library of 9 book cases 6’ high overflowing with books), music, travel, camping, fishing and more. I enjoy dogs, cats and horses, was with the mounted patrol, search and rescue in California.

E-mail: Email Leonard

Mountain Home

Eleanor A. Bast (Ellie)
Now that we have moved into the big city (11,000) of Mountain Home, I no longer feel isolated. Just the opposite. Still haven't met up with other Mensans that I know of but my life is still full of activity. I am still open to meeting other Mensans in the area if there are any.

David Cullipher
Arkansas State University


Daniel Graves
Lives in Nashville (Howard County) and has a law office in Nashville. Also teaches government at the local community college.
Interests: include duck hunting, hiking, coaching baseball, reading and cooking. Vietnam RiverRat, spent 19 months in Australia. Rated highly by both Australian and American Brewing Industries.

North Little Rock

Christopher M. Nolen


Maags MacLoch
Website designer, water gardener, read-a-holic, science fiction lover, and hiker.
Favorite Quote:
"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka!" (I found it!), but "That's funny ..."'" - Isaac Asimov
Interests: Website design, books, nature, science, music, movies, comedy, art appreciation.
Occupation: Website designer

Pine Bluff

Jo Jackson
Interests and obsessions: Archery; amphibians, with special interest in North American toads; environmental issues; North American wildlife; reading - Dune, Foxfire, Frank Lloyd Wright junkie.
Occupation: Acquisition of CBRNE/WMD detection equipment and DECON/PPE supplies for a Dept. of Homeland Security contractor.
Career Goals: Make enough money to support my interests and obsessions.

Piney Bay

Van Alan Hill
Van Alan Hill

Male of Dutch, Irish, American Indian, & probably Ardipithecus ramidus decent
5'11", 200lbs
Married: Since 1993, Wife: Nancy
Children: Conner Max, Age 4, Sydney, Age 15
Education: University of Texas @ Arlington with a BBA/Finance
Vocation: Realtor/Builder/Land Developer
Employer: Century 21 & Self
Organizations: Clarksville Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Johnson County Board of Realtors, Delta Tau Delta Alumni, Acres for Wildlife

I was born on a cold day in December of 1964, spent most of my childhood in the Marvell-Marianna-Helena cultural desert area of eastern Arkansas. I am a semi-political republicrat who likes good music, good conversation, an occasional cold beer, and working hard. My family now lives on the back-side of our 300 acre wildlife ranch adjoining Piney Bay in rural Lamar, just south of the southernmost range of the Ozark Mountains. We've been married since 1993, have two children, and enjoy nature & the outdoors. My interests include forestry along with wildlife habitat improvement & just being in the woods.

I am a Rotarian, Chamber of Commerce member, and the Board of Realtors MLS Administrator....I am also a dozer operator, brush-hog professional, maintenance man, and numerous other things, including self-proclaimed beer & movie critic. I have lived in Arkansas, Tennessee & Texas and am what I refer to as a vocational chameleon. I have been a lumber-yard flunkee, grocery clerk, residential insulation contractor, apartment leaser, butcher, European gypsy, an FBI employee, deli clerk, steel mill worker, & dirtwork contractor, among other things.

I claim to know a little about most things, a lot about a few things, and a potpourri of inconsequential crap. I enjoying learning new stuff though. I am impatient, easily bored, and on the downhill side of life. I can't complain though. A meteor could land on my head tomorrow and I would feel I have led a full life. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask......


Doug Breckinshire
Consistently trapped in a 1980's Corey Feldman/Haim movie, Doug makes bad choices, caves in to peer pressure, but learns personal responsibility and finds love every two hours. It's a Groundhog Day-ish nightmare. When he's not cursing his luck or referring to himself in the third person, Doug likes to repair computers, play on computers, think about computers, read about computers, or otherwise have some contact with computers. Also, he likes cacti. If you want to know more about cacti or Doug Hodge, contact your local library.


David Bradshaw
Purebred Arkansas hillbilly. I like to read e-books, write software (C++), and hike. I was an electronics design engineer for a few years but now I'm semi-retired. I don't like big cities, pollution, big government, taxes, and that strange noise the TV makes when thrown out the window. I doubt therefore I might be.
NOTE: Anything in parenthesis can (not) be ignored. Gotta run. Neighbors just sighted Elvis making crop circles!
Web site:


Roy C. Minton
I have excelled in a variety of occupations through the years, from Infantry Paratrooper in the 187th Airborne to internationally certified network security engineer. I've worked for international security software companies. I now work for myself. I like learning as much as possible about anything. I am still just a farm boy from Ward, AR.