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Of Pig Spit and Armpits
The Smell of Beauty

By Duke Heath

At the dawn of man, there was no make-up, no cologne and no thick wallets to attract the chicks. There was no speech for sexy talk, no perfume, and no blues tunes to help get your woman in the mood for love. How was an early Troglodyte gigolo to let the women know that, not only could he walk the walk, but that he also carried a big stick? The answer is simple. He did not have to let them know anything. They could smell it on him. In fact they sought him out. Our Trog gigolo was exuding a powerful chemical from his armpits that the young, sexy, curvaceous female Trogs could not resist.

The chemical our young Troglodyte stud was emitting, which caused the women to cast their morals aside and submit their bodies to unnatural contortions, was a powerful sexual attractant called a sex pheromone. A sex pheromone is a steroid similar to testosterone, the odor of which strongly attracts the opposite sex of the same species.

The first pheromone ever identified was a powerful sexual attractant for silkworm moths called bombykol. A nubile sexy female silk worm moth releases ten billionths of a gram of pheromone and draws to her every male for miles around. It has been calculated that if a single female moth were to release all the bombykol in her sac in a single spray, all at once, she could, theoretically, immediately attract a trillion males. In one experiment, designed to show the power of pheromones, several male rats were isolated in individual cubicles by a small tether. One of these rats had previously proven himself to be the alpha male. These cubicles were, themselves, located inside a larger cubicle. When female rats were introduced into the larger cubicle, they had no idea which of the smaller cubicles held the alpha male. It was thought that, through trial and error, they would eventually determine which was the alpha male. When the females were actually released into the larger cubicle, they showed absolutely no hesitation and went directly to the alpha male's cubicle and submitted for mounting. It was obvious that the alpha male was emitting a very powerful sexual pheromone, and it was this pheromone which was attracting, not some of, but all of the ladies. But what was causing this pheromone emission?

Without discussing the procedure with the alpha male rat, the procedure was repeated exactly as the first experiment in every detail save one. The alpha male was castrated before the introduction of the females. This procedure stopped his testosterone production. The results were phenomenal. Not one of the female rats went into his cubicle even though it was the same cubicle with the same rat in the same location as in the first experiment. Instead they all went to another male's cubicle, which had been number two in the hierarchy behind the alpha male. Without testosterone, the alpha male no longer produced the sexual pheromone which was attracting to the females.

A third experiment was then run after injecting the castrated male with testosterone. When the ladies were introduced, once again they all went directly to the castrated alpha male's cubicle. The testosterone was obviously controlling pheromone production.

The chief sexual pheromone of a pig is 5-alpha-androsterol-chemically similar to testosterone. It's mixed in with the boar's saliva as testosterone is mixed in with the spit of men. When a sow in heat smells this steroid on a slobbering boar, she immediately adopts a "Come here big boy, I am all yours," posture.

The French culinary delight, truffles, an under ground fungus, produces exactly the same steroid, only in higher concentrations than in boar's saliva. This is why pigs are used to find and dig up truffles. The sows go crazy when they smell the steroid and begin digging furiously looking for a mate. The truffles were using this pheromone, not to attract a mate, but to cause animals that respond to this pheromone to dig them up and spread them across the earth.

Where else can we find this amazing sex attractant? In fact, 5-alpha-androsterol is copiously produced in the underarm sweat of men. It is the odor of love, the smell of beauty, the scent of Eros which was helping our young Troglodyte score. Long ago, before perfume and deodorant, even before speech itself, this steroid played a huge role in bringing man and woman together. A testament of the power of its smell is that, even today, the average woman's nose is about the exact height of her mate's armpit