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My Thoughts on Homosexuality

By Anonymous

To give you a little background on the writer of this piece, I will say this. I have no siblings, relatives, or close friends who are homosexual, though I have sporadically come into contact with homosexuals through work and through other social interaction. I certainly am no authority on homosexuality nor am I one who spends much time thinking about it. I do, on the other hand, have theories and opinions regarding it based on personal life experiences and from what I have derived from television interviews with homosexuals and from various articles I have read.

First of all, I think homosexuality is more of a genetic disposition than a choice that is made. Surely there are exceptions though. I do believe that some practicing homosexuals could feasibly be driven by a fetish or combination of fetishes and really not be true or average homosexuals. I will say that I believe that the average homosexual probably feels very much like they are a man trapped in a woman's body or vice versa. They are simply acting on the feminine or masculine emotions and feelings that they are having without regard to their physical sex.

Does it really matter if they are homosexuals by genetics or by choice? I say "no." In my opinion, consenting adults have the inherent right to do as they please with each other as long as it does not negatively affect anyone else. For the record, I extend this right to homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. If in the privacy of your own home, you and your same sex mate want to get naked, rub barbecue sauce on each other, and howl like coyotes while having sexual contact, that is certainly your prerogative and I will form no opinion about whether you are "good"or "evil" based on that information alone. Are homosexuals "spawn of Satan" or "sinners in the eyes of God?" Who knows or can possibly know? The very existence of God & Satan is itself in question and to my knowledge they don't do any public speaking on this topic. It would be just as accurate to state that homosexuals are "spawn of Santa Claus" or "sinners in the eyes of the Easter Bunny." I'll punctuate that thought here to avoid getting off into a totally different debate.

Do I understand the thought process of a homosexual? Absolutely not. I can't even imagine deriving any pleasure from any sexual contact with another person of the same sex. Actually it gives me a slight chill to think about it. That I don't have the capacity to understand it, does not make it wrong. Everyone is different. As a heterosexual who tries to do the right thing, I will be tolerant of others. I will strive to understand and accept any homosexual regardless of whether he or she is genetically or psychologically motivated. Conversely, I will never condemn or alienate him or her either. Homosexuals are just me in many ways, unlike me in others. I have no more right to live my life than any other human being, homosexuals not excepted.