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Local Secretary's Message

By Gerry Schulze

I am pleased to write my first article for the new and improved Arkansas Mensa Webpage. I was elected LocSec in January. LocSec is essentially the president (or chief executive officer, grand poobah, or whatever you might want to call it) of a Mensa chapter. My nomination was not entirely without controversy. One speaker pointed out that while I usually showed up for things, I seldom actually did anything. My articles for our newsletter, M-Ark, were consistently late. The speaker felt I was woefully underqualified for the position, and that were I elected to the position, nothing would be done in the year that I served. I know this speech was sincere and heartfelt. I made it. The election was another matter. It was reminiscent of those Leonid Brezhnev used to win all the time.

Once I was elected, I tried to think of achievements that I could achieve while sitting down. The first was rather easy. There was a dormant Arkansas Mensa Yahoo! Group. I could spam local Mensans until they joined. Almost fifty have. Another goal was a bit different. We needed an up-to-date website. We had a website several years ago, but when our webmaster moved out of state, it just sat there, unchanged, for several years. I know nothing about website design (as proof see my website at For about six months I talked about appointing a task force to look into the situation and determine the feasibility of entering into a serious discussion of how we could update the Arkansas Mensa website. Before I actually appointed a task force, we got a wonderful, active new member, Maags MacLoch, who simply did what I was thinking about talking about.

The result is this website. I am incredibly proud of this new Internet site. I managed to bask in the glory while doing absolutely nothing to bring it about.

Arkansas Mensa is an association of interesting folks from all different backgrounds. In any room with four Mensans there will be eight points of view on any question-more if it's a question one of them actually knows something about. What we have in common is a good score on some I.Q. test at some time in our pasts and an ability to have fun with ideas no matter how good or bad they are and where they come from.

To learn a little more about us, look at our Newsletter, M-Ark Online. To learn more about us than you probably ever want to know, drop in as a guest at one of our meetings. You can eat and drink your fill of all the food and drinks you pay for yourself. The conversation is free.