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M-Ark Online

December 2001/January 2002

Dealing with Terrorism


The Baby Sharon Project by Richard Emmel
Last Spring we suffered through the agony of knowing our only grandchild needed surgery for a congenital heart defect. The trouble was she was born in Ho Chi Minh City where such surgery is impossible. We struggled mightily to find a way to help Baby Sharon but lost the fight.

More Thoughts on the Supernatural by Robert Shoemaker
As a general response to some of the entries and items in the last issue, it continues to amaze me that so many Mensans, at least around here, avow cosmological beliefs that are not merely of questionable tenability, but are downright silly.

Magic Terror, book review by Gary Wood


The Skeptic's Corner by Duke Heath
In the early eighties, I devoured every book by Stephen King I could find. When King alone could not satisfy my appetite for horror, I began reading Dean Koontz and other authors in the genre. Though my tastes have changed over the past ten years, I recently finished what is, by far, the most horrifying book I have ever read. The most frightening aspect of this book, BIOHAZARD, by Ken Alibek, is that the genre is not horror or fiction, but non-fiction.

Local Secretary's Message by DeLynn Hearn
WOW! What a National Testing Day! We tested a total of 24 prospects, with two members of the media testing in Eureka Springs and Conway.

The Region Six Report By Dan Wilterding.

Funny Farm by Don Wyatt.

A Few Thoughts by Duke Heath.

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