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Windflower by William W. Westerman

The world is grand in its proportion
With no beginning and no end
When seen in childish distortion
With love to give and time to spend

They chase the clouds with fascination
Like butterflies upon a hill
And grasp in frantic desperation
For dreams that never do hold still

So live to all your dreams completing
And sail up with the wind on high
The days of youth are ever fleeting
And all too soon will pass you by

A New Era by Bruce Crabtree

Debris from the sky
Heralds the onslaught of fear
A great nation weeps

A Lonely and Empty Place by Brian Coats

Walking alone in a land of waste
Desolation makes me make haste,
Running aimlessly all alone
In this forgotten and empty zone.
Is there any help for me,
Any relief to this misery?
Maybe, maybe not, but what I know
Is on and on I blindly go.
Loneliness so bleak, profound
Drives me roughly to the ground.
There I lie and longing wait
For my coming dying date.

I feel a warmth, I sense a glow
And see a man as white as snow.
"I know your pain and hurt are real
But lean on me and you will heal.
I'll give you strength to help you cope
With all your sorrows; to give you hope.
Follow me and your light will shine
And then one day you will be mine."
I grasped Jesus' extended hand
And soon I'll sing with the angel band.
Now with Jesus I run the race
And there's no lonely or empty place.

Slithering Down the Slide by Duke Heath

Am I a boy or am I a man.....well, with this test I will soon find out
But as I climb the ladder I'm beginning to have a few serious doubts
For this is the most dangerous test of courage that I have ever tried
I am standing on top of the world's biggest, the world's tallest slide
Thirty stories straight down to the ground in only a second or two
With only a burlap sack for less friction between the metal and you
I think of having it all over and I'm thinking how I'm going to gloat
Then suddenly I push off, and my stomach is thrust into my throat
Traveling at the speed of sound and... "Oh holy banana split!"
I forgot my burlap sack, and I am melting away bit by bit
I hit the first bump, look, and my feet are already gone
A moment more, nothing is left below my shin bone
My legs are soon completely gone below my knees
I begin praying, "Wake me up somebody please!"
Oh tell me it's a dream, please dear God I cry
I look down to see nothing below my thigh
Speeding down and around, I fall in haste
Will be no progeny, down to my waist
Weight loss?This way is not the best
Ain't nothing left below my chest
Will someone please tell my date
I am going to be very, very late
I loved to sing, but oh heck!
Just forfeited all of my neck
It's now getting pretty thin
where, once, was my chin
try to slow with my lips
But they lose their grip
I am not gonna cry
Cause I got no eyes
Forehead is gone
Hair and bone
Speck of dust
Wanna cuss
Bye bye