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The Baby Sharon Project

By Richard Emmel

Last Spring we suffered through the agony of knowing our only grandchild needed surgery for a congenital heart defect. The trouble was she was born in Ho Chi Minh City where such surgery is impossible. We struggled mightily to find a way to help Baby Sharon but lost the fight. Shortly after our granddaughter died, I discovered Save a Child's Heart at -- an organization that could have saved her life.

The Baby Sharon Project was created to build a dBase helpful to any child suffering a medical catastrophe. Information can save lives. The Project will also lobby to establish a state office to help families of children with critical health problems. A web site will also be built so the entire world can benefit from the dBase. We need at least a thousand entries in the dBase for it to be useful. So far, we have less than a hundred.

If each Arkansas Mensan sent me ten items helpful during a medical crisis,the dBase would have well over a thousand entries. Below is an example of what to send:

Name: Saint Jude Hospital
Specialty: Brain Tumors
Phone # 1-877-924-9928
(901) 495-3604
Contact: Dr. Stephen J. Thompson
Address: 332 N. Lauderdale, Memphis, TN 38105

Also, if you find a good web site, send me the address. I am appealing for your help because without help the dBase will be years in the making. If the project appeals to AR Mensa perhaps, the same will be true for all of Mensa? With Mensa's support, the Baby Sharon Project could save the lives of children around the world or at least provide relief by answering the questions of those suffering unbearable anguish. Please email me at if you have any questions.