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April 2004 Arkansas Mensa AETN tour in Conway

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If you would like your name shown by any of the pictures, please e-mail me at and tell me about it so I can add it to the page. Please be sure to include the page number and picture name. Thank you - Maags

The included commentary is what I remembered of the tour, but I was a bit distracted with picture taking, and as a consequence probably missed things of interest. I also used a simpler conversational style of writing for those that may have English as a second language, since this can be seen worldwide.

There may be some people that missed the tour that would like as much information as they could get, so I would welcome the input if anyone has anything to add or correct. Please e-mail me at with anything you think would contribute, including grammar or typo problems you notice.


This is the entrance where everyone was gathering together to get started on our AETN (Arkansas Educational Television Network) tour. Mike McCullars, who is in charge of special programs for AETN , is the man in the pink shirt who was trying to get us going. He was our guide on the tour. Pity him, he had to try to keep us organized.

Coverage may for AETN.
Coverage map and speaker

This map shows the areas in white where people can get the AETN broadcasts. Of course, I happen to live in an area that is problematic, since the mountains tend to block the signals.

Mike said they are in the process of going digital during the next few years, so maybe it will be better then. From what I could glean from the information he gave us, we will either get it perfectly, or not at all. Here's hoping it will be perfect!